Re: Native PhD. seeks advice

Kathy41144 (
3 Apr 1995 00:22:57 -0400

If you want to attend a truly great school with a remarkable Native
American Studies Department, check out University of Calif at Berkeley. I
just graduated from there, and although majoring in Anthroplogy, took
several NA classes, including Native American Medicine. The Deparment is
under the college of Letters and Science. Berkeley and the Bay area are
diverse, wonderful places to spend some time. I suggest writing or trying
to speak with Professor Anthony Garcia. He is one of the greatest, most
compassionate professors I ever had. He is also an Apache. We had several
Native American guest speakers, including shaman and leaders who truly
have a vision for a better world. I wish you the best of luck in your
most worthwhile endeavors.

If you want any additional info, please let me know. I can provide you
with telphone numbers, people to talk to, and UC Berkeley policies, etc.