Re: Crab Nebula and Supernova of 1054, part 2

Peggy Hall (
5 Apr 1995 04:27:18 GMT

: To all who saw this earlier post of mine and to those who responded:

: The April issue of Sky&Telescope magazine has an interesting article by Dr.
: Krupp on possible Amerindian representations of the Supernova of 1054. It
: has a specific emphasis on the Chaco Canyon pictograph of the star, crescent
: moon, and "sacred hand." I would be interested in any discussion about the
: use of the "ethnographic ramrod" to discount the possibility of the pictograph
: representing a "out-of-the-ordinary, historical phenomenon" by the cited
: anthro from UNM. Seems like a dubious assertion to me. Thanks.

I saw a PBS program (I think it was the one about the "death star" that
supposedly wiped out dinosaurs) and a Mimbres plate was shown that had a
rabbit jumping over a rayed star with 21 rays. The explanation was that
the rabbit represented the moon to the Mimbres culture and the star was
the Supernova that was visible over a 21-day time period.

Chaco Canyon and the Mimbres area are (I'm guessing) 200 +/- miles apart.