Re: indian tribe "jivaro"

Jack Davis (
Tue, 4 Apr 1995 17:30:53 GMT

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>From: ian moll <>
>Subject: indian tribe "jivaro"
>Date: 31 Mar 1995 05:40:05 GMT

>I need to find some information on an American indian tribe known as
>the "jivaro".
>They once occured somewhere in central America/Brazil.
>Can anyone provide me some info please.


>Kevin McMillan (South Africa)

The Jivaros are/were in the upper Amazon drainages, such as in Peru.
However, I don't have any academic sources handy. One of the most
entertaining (and fantastic as in hard to believe) books I ever read
concerning the Jivaros was written by an American adventurer, one Col.
Clark, called "The Rivers Ran East".