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>}Can anyone direct me to information about the Aquatic Ape Theory?

>If you want to see its original formulation, see Alister Hardy, "Was Man
>More Aquatic in the Past?" _New Scientist_ 7:642-5 (April 1960). You'll
>probably have to visit a university library to find it.

>From earliest to latest: these are expanded conference proceedings from

The Aquatic ape, fact or fiction? : the first scientific evaluation
of a controversial theory of human evolution / edited by Machteld Roede
... :et al.: London : Souvenir Press (E & A), 1991.
xxii, 369 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
Based in part on a conference organized by the European
Sociobiological Society and the Dutch Association of Physical
Anthropology, held in Valkenburg, Netherlands in August 1987.
ISBN 0285630334

Other books by Elaine Morgan: The Aquatic Ape & Scars of Evolution.

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