Re: On the importance of sticks.

Clifford R. Mosley (
3 Apr 1995 20:39:01 GMT

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> I, too, am new here. However, I think that the pointed stick is grossly
> underestimated. I know that I would want a good stout stick in hand if I
> was facing an irate dog. I might not be able to hurt him much, but I sure
> could convince him that he could find better prey. However, like any
> subscriber to the tenets of machismo, I think that I could hurt him a good
> deal with a good stick.
> Everyours,
> -Ravenheart

Ever watch a toddler on an outing to the woods. First thing he or she does
is grab a stick and start bashing things with it. They will carry it
around for a long while. Much longer than average attention span. They
don't like it if you take it away either. Just an observation, but it
appears we could be "wired" that way.