cave painting @ Combe d'Arc (France)

Sylvain Louboutin (
Tue, 28 Mar 1995 08:26:20 GMT

there is an interesting special issue published jointly by "Science &
Vie" and "Paris Match" (two French magazines) about the cave paintings
in the cave named Combe d'Arc; "La Grotte de la Combe d'Arc"...

of course if you don't read French you might be at a loss, but I think
that even though, the pictures makes it worth getting anyway... it is
targetted at the lay person (like myself) and might sound not
technical enough to the specialists out there....

it is edited by Compagnie Generale d'Edition et de Presse
63, avenue des Champs Elysees, F-75008 Paris (France)
phone: +33-1-41346000 fax: +33-1-41347635

it might be possible to order a copy (cost 25FF) but I dunno... by the
way I do not work for them, I am just forwarding the info because I
thought it might interest some readers of this group...


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