Santeria reading - as promised but a few weeks late

Fri, 16 Sep 1994 12:50:33 -0400

Friday, September 16, 1994

For those of you who asked back during the summer,
this is the Santeria reading I mentioned. I've only
edited out my friend's typos. I originally added SGML tags but
I want to keep it clean so here is text as is.
He told me the cleansing in person and need to write it up,
have him edit it, (that may take a long time because of
constraints on his time but I'll try) and add it to the following:

Sun, 22 May 1994 11:45:15 EDT

It was a cold January night and I went to a house in

There was snow on the ground

It was cold

I went upstairs and was greeted by a Puerto Rican woman and
her Black Cuban husband who spoke no English

He was drinking rum from a bottle


It was 8 pm

The man got up and put a white cap on his head and went up
the stairs

I conversed with his wife as we waited for him to summon
the spirit SARABANDA

He called us upstairs.
I entered the room
Before me was a sight unimaginable

A black cauldron around which was wrapped a chain, in the
cauldron were numerous pieces of wood and machetes, axes
and railroid spikes, a pistol, a horned deer skull and
above it was a banner with a cosmological diagram of the
type seen in voodoo temples.

SARABANDA..avatar of OGGUN the spirit of Iron

To the right was a smaller cauldron, colored blue filled
with varios woods and plants, on top was a barbie doll in a
mermaid outfit this was the female aspect..the madre de

In front was a smaller item a small clay head with cowrie
eyes and ears, a nail emerged from his head this was LUCERO
the messenger spirit

I sat opposite the huge Cuban man as he smoked a cigar

He then took a cocoinut and broke it with a hammer and
spilled the waer over the LUCERO invoking in a creole KONGO
dialect the Spirit of Lucero and his vision

He then pared the coconut into 4 ovals and set them before
He then filled his mouth with rum and spat it at the
SARABANDA asking for his benediction in the strange KONGO
He shook the shells and let them drop and proceeded to
diagnose my spiritual ills

His accuracy was uncanny
He gave the prescription and required me to come back for
the be done on the first new moon of the year


The Cleansing