Re: Listserv stats

rhackman (rhackman@CCLINK.FHCRC.ORG)
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 15:24:58 -0700

I don't know who moderates Anthro-L, but I don't think that person
will have all of the information you need.

For instance, I'm a research pathologist in a bone marrow transplantation
center and an Associate Professor of Pathology and of Laboratory Medicine at
University of Washington School of Medicine. My undergraduate major was
anthropology, so I have a distant background and like to stay tuned in
by following several newsgroups. I'm certainly not an anthropologist!
I don't think the moderator will know any of that about me, so you need
to be careful about how you subcategorize the list subscribers. In
fact, will you be able to state anything other than the total number?

Good luck, Bob Hackman

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Subject: Listserv stats
Author: Brad M Biglow <bmb@PINE.CSE.NAU.EDU> at cclink
Date: 9/8/94 1:51 PM

Greetings everyone:

As part of the research for my AAA paper on Networking for
Anthropologists, I am in dire need of a few statistics.

As I've been off anthro-l for several months in absentia of the
university, I'm not quite sure who is the moderator of this list
anymore, so pardon the e-mail to you all, hoping this will reach the
correct destination on the other end (Hugh?). Anyway, here's the
statistics I need:

#1. What is the current number of Anthro-l subscribers, and how
many are practicing anthropologists with .com or .org-type
IP addresses vs. .edu extensions (throw in .gov above too)?

#2. What are the numbers of professoriate vs. students on the

Any help much welcone!


Brad M. Biglow
Graduate Student
Dept. of Anthropology
Northern Arizona University