Developmental Defects in Prehistory

Troy Case (troycase@IMAP1.ASU.EDU)
Mon, 5 Sep 1994 23:58:38 -0700

I am doing my thesis research on developmental defects of the hands and
feet in prehistory. I am in the process of collecting references on
developmental defects of the limbs that have been recorded in the
literature to date and would appreciate any suggestions on where to look,
no matter how obscure. The articles I have collected so far are:

Barnes, Ethne (1994)
Polydactyly in the Southwest. KIVA vol 59 No. 4

Cybulski, Jerome S. (1988)
Brachydactyly, a Possible Inherited Anamoly at Prehistoric.....
AJPA 76:363-376

Owsley, Douglas W. & Robert Mann (1990)
An American Indian Skeleton With Clubfoot from the Cabin Burial...
Plains Anthropologist Vol. 35 No. 128

Mann, Robert et al (1992)
Distal Phocomelia of the Forearm in a 13th Century Skeleton from
Poland. Teratology 45:139-143.

Pokotylo, David L. et al (1987)
The Cache Creek Burial Site (EeRh 1), British Columbia.
(brachydactyly is subject). Contributions to Human History No. 1.

Its not much but it is all I have so far. I suspect that there are quite
a few interesting cases in CRM reports and the like that would never show
up in a typical literature search. Thanks in advance for any help!