Final Results of the "Which Journal?" question

Wade Tarzia (tarzia@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU)
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 15:05:20 -0500

Hello -- Here are my not-statistically-strong results of the question, "If
I had to chose one anthro journal for a subscription, should it be _Current
Anthropology_ or _American Anthropologist_?"

_Current Anthropology_ won by a slight margin. That is, it got two strong
votes, and a third weak one. _American Anthropologist_ got one strong
vote, and one "Well, I need to belong to the AAA, so I might as well have
the journal" which I fed through my IBX Optical Thought-Grid Analyzer to
learn that this is a weak-weak vote. However, two people refused to be
channeled by my initial question and voted strongly for _Anthropology
Today_. For their ability to think beyond the lines, they win
subscriptions to _The Journal of Confustication_. For the disqualified
responders (stockholders in either journal) I send a genuine Olmec
ceremonial head (made in China).

Frankly, I am shocked at the weak support for AA. It was a "There now, out
of this fine Garden with you, and work for your status by the sweat of your
methodology and the pain of your theory!" sort of response. I feel another
paradigm shift about to happen in the field...

A weak-thanks for your opinions (for I still don't know where to send my
dozens of dollars -- do any of them offer a free Great Personalities of
Paleoarchaeology coffee mug or something?).

-- wade "wanted-a-landslide" tarzia