Bank World -Reply

Stephanie Wilson (swilson@CHEMONICS.COM)
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 14:15:30 -0400

Something on the light side and somehow related to John's recent message...

>>> Joe Rio 10/24/96 01:18pm >>>
from "Lingua Banka" in "Bank's World" contains some twisted expressions either said or written
by Bank staff not entirely familiar with English idiomatic expressions (or

* It is not my cup of beer. * We are in a squeezy position. [during
loan negotiations] * The private sector is in a slum. * It's a hard
pillow to swallow. * Nobody is interested in constructed elasticities
which could be perforated all over the place. * I am very happy. In
my last performance evaluation my vice-president gave me a raving
review. * It turned out to be nothing more than a flash in the pants.
* The government should move quickly to privatize the two state
commercial banks, preferably spitting them into several smaller
banks. * While infant mortality remains high, there was a welcome
decline in maternal morality. * The way to hell is paved with good