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Hi, all.
Have to reply to this thread. As a grad student with just a thesis
left to write, I'd like you to consider my plan to circumvent the growing
tide toward the shackling of research to corporate profit. In the past year I
have worked to start up a company obliquely related to anthropology and
purposefully situated to provide an inroad to business and public
policy. The company on the local level is a foreign language
interpreting and translating service in an increasingly international and
growing town where no such service has existed for the past 6 years. The
last outfit had to pull out to consolidate its resources because it was
not-for-profit and was suffering the down-sizing due to increased
competition for scant resources open for non-profits. My plan is to earn
a living from providing a service that is more and more in demand here
and to use the profits for funding the kind of research that business and
government have little interest in funding but that should be done.
Though I will be for several years an anthropologist with only an M.A., I
will be hiring Ph.D.'s and interdisciplinary teams for the projects we do. The
writing seems to be on the wall, as for as I can see, that numbers the days
for truly free academic research, except perhaps in those rebel schools that
find some other means of financial support. It's time to roll up our
sleeves and get creative about how to get research funded.

Respectfully, creatively, and encouragingly yours,

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[Jim Martin's post summarizing some of the thoughts on this thread and
asking what the proper role of business in education should be.]

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