Stakeholder analysis

Jackie Ambrow (jambrow@MAIL.COIN.MISSOURI.EDU)
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 23:55:24 -0500

I'm going to be working on a stakeholder model of health care,
particularly managed care, in Missouri (USA) and need some help with
tracking down the history of the term "stakeholder" as used in
anthropology. Some poli sci friends suggest that the term came from
"stakeholder capitalism" while a library friend says it was first used in
1708 to refer to wagers. The same library friend says the term first
appears in the general social science cd-rom's in 1979 regarding
workplace management. I hope to use the term (accurately) in the context
of the varied parties who have an interest in health care generally and
managed care specifically and how their particular interests
interrelate. I understand that stakeholder analyses are rather a hot
method right now, so perhaps one of you might give me some sources to
check out its proper usage.

Any and all assistance greatly appreciated by,

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