No race wars

Wed, 16 Oct 1996 09:41:52 EDT

Ralph Holloway wrote:
>I don't propose to flail against these people with rhetoric. I attack,
>much as I can, their facts or interpretations thereof. ...
I am glad that you are there. The study of biological and physical
anthropology (albeit very limited in my graduate training post MA level)
and TALKING to and LEARNING from research of my colleagues so trained
are what swayed me into wanting to affiliate myself with anthropology
rather than sociology. These are fiery topics and we have to keep on
talking together about them.

Vance Geiger wrote:
>I would like to publicly apologize to Dr. Ralph Halloway.... my
>choice of words was inapropriate.
Thank you for apologizing...

For me, as a Black woman anthropologist, to feel free to come to this
"place" to listen, civility counts in establishing a climate in which I
feel like I won't be knocked about the head... and that happens when I
don't see others being knocked about the head either.

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