Marshmallow test

Stephanie Wilson (swilson@CHEMONICS.COM)
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 11:59:34 -0400

I had to post the marshmallow test to a few friends who brought up the following point:

Beth brings up a very valid point which anthropolists or statisticians
should not overlook. That is of course the fact that there may be a
correlation between those kids who just don't like marshmellows and
those that like them too much. Perhaps a quick study of this would
help to prove the theory that IQ is based on the degree to which a
child likes marshmellows.

If a child likes marshmellows so much that he/she can't control them-
selves long enough to hold out for more they fall into category C.

Those that like them enough, and can hold out for more go to category

Those that don't care at all for marshmellows, end up in category A.

(The category name reflecting the general expected grades for each
child throughout a lifetime.)

With a brief synapse fire to recall _Ghost Busters_ added to this
discussion, you might find that THE MARSHMELLOW IS THE MAN and THE

Still I'd like to consider myself a category B (Ummmm...
marshmellows) where everything is slightly above normal, sweetest has
its place, and I am in fact putting down The Man (errr...