Short note from the manager.

Patrick S Miller (psmiller@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 19:39:11 -0400

Hi everybody,

I thought I would drop the list a note regarding some of the behind the
scenes administration. There has been an ever increasing subscription
rate to the list. At last count (a few weeks ago) there were well over a
thousand members. (If some of you are wondering why the post confirmation
message only says around 700 is that it only counts servers and not

Given this large membership it has become frequent that delivery attempts
from the Anthro-l server is inundated with bounced messages from other
malfunctioning servers around the world. When I receive such messages, it
is standard operating procedure to unsubscribe the members attached to
that server. Frequently it is the individuals account that is the

If you find yourself with a notice in your e-mailbox that
informs you that you ahve been removed from the list by me and you have no
idea why I have done is most definitely because of the above
scenario. Members often write me small notes asking me why I have taken
such action. Some people are perplexed and some are even angry with me.

So, this is something I deal with all week and thought I would share with
all of you just so you know what I am doing and you are not wondering what
happened when it happens to you.

I hope everyone has or had a wonderful weekend,

Patrick S. M. Miller
Department of Anthropology
University @ Buffalo
380 MFAC, Ellicott Complex
Buffalo, New York 14260