Re: In which I change my mind again.

Arthur L. Baron (abaron@STU.ATHABASCAU.CA)
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 09:52:29 MDT

> After thinking and thinking and thinking some more about what I thought and
> then after that rethinking the thoughts I thought and of course taking in
> the thoughts of others and thinking about them, I have come to the
> conclusion that I was originally wrong, "IQ" really is a joke and
> attempting to measure whatever intelligence is, is futile in every and all
> cases. Phooey! and I was so proud of my scores too!

Ah, the cold blue of self doubt - I can't remember how many times I've gone
through the process you have just described. And maybe tomorrow the alligator
will bite you again saying "Yes there is a measure of intelligence."
What really scares me though are those people who have no self doubt.

> Anyway, as for "race" I agree with Ralph Holloway human biological
> difference exists, there are "groups" that have certain characteristics
> that they share with no others. "Race" as it is colloquially used IS a
> social construction. I would say that it is legitimate, only in that the
> concept can affect how society interacts, but lets leave that one for the
> sociologists. I would also like to note that the study of human difference
> and variation is not in and of itself "racist." Again, as with anything in
> science its the questions we ask.
> --Matt

Again, I can't remember how many times I have grappled with race. I always
get into trouble when I try to attatch a "meaning and value" to race - when
culture overlays onto biology, the stereotyping starts. When I first heard of
cline distribution and follow through its process, it made/makes race
not relevant and helps explain human biological environmental variation.