Re: Serious thoughts about objectivity

Arthur L. Baron (abaron@STU.ATHABASCAU.CA)
Mon, 7 Oct 1996 11:56:28 MDT

> Hurrah (?), and the point to discuss is...?
> What do you (or others who see the point) see the difference between
> "social constructions/compositions" and ""things" in the real world" as
> being?
> Drew Walker
> Dade County Easter Seals Adult Daycare

If I understand your point, it is that "things" are only a description of
social constructs. I for one don't believe all that I read in newspapers.

Statistics can describe the West's ouput of food as being bountiful and enough
to feed all, but the stats don't readily reveal the real world issues of
unemployment, poverty, and food banks. Welfare and other social programs are
bandaide solutions to shield the real world from those who deny its existence.
The real solution is in access to the economy - Pareto's ratio comes to mind.

How 'bout, opposites such as equality vs inequality; oppressive policies
created by stratified social classes vs egalitarianism; ideal vs real
(sometimes could be the same in the eyes of the objectivist) - ab

Just curious - what is the Dade County Easter Seals Adult Daycare? Without
knowing what your response will be, I interpret the information as a
constructed social institute needed for or in response to something lacking in
the community ... why is it needed?