Theyness & Weness OK (fwd)

Arthur L. Baron (abaron@STU.ATHABASCAU.CA)
Fri, 4 Oct 1996 14:18:52 MDT

Forwarded message with permission, ... thanks George:
> If you would like some unique views on otherness from a progressive historian
> see: Davis, David Brion. Slavery and Human Progress, where the author outline
> the progress of otherness in slavery through Western Civilization from the
> somewhat sameness of captives to the ultimate otherness of the Black African
> well as any of the Marxist Historical authors for the mullato escape mechanis
> especially in Mexico where they all but vanished into the Weness of the local

> population.
> Yours, Asst.Prof.
> George E. Sivertson,
> Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX
> Sorry but an old man has to jump into this with a summative overview.
> "Theyness" the great unwashed they is a universal form of exclusive
> otherness. This also begets a "Weness" for all the great washed that are
> with us. Of course there are those who just don't care and I suppose they
> would be the uncounted silent "Could care lessness." Mugwumpness and
> Cluelessness might also fit in a third catagory. If one leaves a large box
> e.g. Refrigerator size outside and some children find it one may see same
> in action. Those that find and make a clubhouse are the we's the we's then
> decide who may have access and not the they's anyone else is not
> considered such as parents or adults. This centrist view may be ethno, socio
> econimico, racial, etc. etc. Gaining a weness for inclusion into a group
> whether this be for profit or other agenda is viewed by the they who wants
> inclusion as a win if they succeed and become a we. Oh well. Bless all.
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