"Chariots of the Gods?" (fwd)

Ronald Kephart (rkephart@OSPREY.UNF.EDU)
Wed, 2 Oct 1996 16:11:43 -0400

Hey Everybody,

I just got this message from ABC, after sending my letter to abcaudr@abc.com.
So now we have a (cyber)-place to write to.


------------ Forwarded Message begins here ------------
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 96 11:57:00 EDT
To: Ronald Kephart <rkephart@osprey.unf.edu>
Subject: RE: "Chariots of the Gods?"

Thanks for sharing your views with us regarding "Chariots of the Gods." We
have forwarded your comments to the offices of ABC/Kane, which produced the

We are certainly interested in how our viewers feel and we appreciate your
interest in ABC Television.

James Canning
ABC Television

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