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Subject: Re: Levels of consciousness

My own understanding of consciousness is somewhat limited but I will wade in
anyway. I think we can all agree that there are degrees of consciousness, such
as sleep and vegatative states. When the term "level of consciousness" arises,
I tend to shudder a bit, for the only consciousness we can be certain of is our
own. The problems associated with measuring the consciousness of others is
known as the "Metaphysical Dilemma". There is no certain way of knowing the
mind of another, so to discuss it in terms of comparison (vis-a-vis
"primitive/modern") is moot. I think a more interesting excercise would be to
explore how our ancestors survived within the context of their environment. In
closing, I wonder if our ancient ancestors, who were modern for the time,
considered their forebearers to be primitive. Probably not.

Rocklin, California

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Why do you say: "Probably not"?

Jesse S. Cook III