illegal immigration

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Mon, 28 Nov 1994 10:31:04 EDT

I notice that many people posting about the prop 187 and illegal immigration
make one mistake - that of arrogance about the US. Illegal immigrants
only want to come to the US if they think it is a good place to live, i.e.
better than where they live now. With the US rapidly slipping from its
position as a first world nation, i suspect that within 20 years few immigrants
will take the US as their first choice for a place to go, whether legally or
illegally. NAFTA should also help to slow the flood of illegal immigrants
from Mexico given maybe 10 years, since increased employment opportunities
and gradually improving public social benefits demanded (or mandated)
under NAFTA will begin to equalize the disparity in life quality in Mexico
and the US. Also, if the NAFTA is allowed to evolve to its natural
conclusion, illegal immigration between the 3 nations will dissolve because
flow of people will not be regulated.