Re: Prop 187 - Request for Facts

Christina Machnik (cmachnik@U.WASHINGTON.EDU)
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 17:52:04 -0800

> I do not recall seeing the text of Prop. 187 on this list. I, for
> one, would never take action without knowing just what it was that i
> was taking action against or for. I hear words like "racist" used to
> describe this proposition, but I have no way of knowing if that is an
> accurate characterization.
> By the way, I lived in southern California for 20 years prior to
> moving to Florida a little more than a year ago. California has had a
> whole host of problems. When I moved there in 1974 it was truly "the
> golden state." Californians were living in a dream world where
> property values were going to rise forever and there was a surplus in
> the treasury. Education was practically free, and everyone kept
> telling me how much produce the state as a the whole produced. In
> short, I was a lucky person to have moved there. But a few years ago
> things started to turn around, and no one seemed to have a simple
> answer. Suddenly there was a deficit, and no one knew why. I guess
> Californians are disillusioned now, and they act like disillusioned
> people everywhere act -- they try to fix the blame.
> I do not know where the blame lies. But before people decide one way
> or the other about California and Prop 187, let's get some facts!
> Susan Love Brown
I don't understand why Californians are suprised or disillusioned.
Perhaps just forgetful.

In the early 1930's, they found there was a deficit and no one knew
why. The state began deporting Mexicans, some
illegal immigrants, some citizens, separating families etc. In addition
at one point they tried to deport immigrants from Oklahoma and Arkansas.
The rational was the same the federal government creates entitlements and
expects the state to pay for it. Eventually it became clearer that there
was a national depression and local governments were
generally becoming bankrupt.

Lest this seem like California Bashing, individuals in my state admire
the Proposition and want to propose it for our ballot.

It is my observation that "rugged individualism" as an ideology has its
advantages but one of its major disadvantages is that it seems to
inhibit individuals from discussing problems, which may have larger
causes and ramifications than entitlements for illegal immigrants.

Or am I the only one who remembers when middle class women didn't HAVE to
work to pay the mortgage during child rearing years? Who do we send out
to work next? The kids?