anthro-l autobio

Janette Wilson (G1824303@NMSUVM1.BITNET)
Sat, 26 Nov 1994 15:17:03 MST

Born in Roswell,NM. My mom got tired of living in a one-bedroom house while
raising five children and washing clothes, including my younger sister's
diapers, on a washboard & so went out one day and secured not only a job that
very same day but also a loan to buy property on which to build a house. Life
with mom was never the same after that for my dad.

My oldest brother, twelve years older than I, was a SF fan so I began reading
SF early -- an early stimulus to my interest in things psychological and

After traveling down side roads -- well, I'm still doing that -- such as
dealing with my feelings about my dad's illnesses (He was declared legally
insane -- sort of a culmination of events of malaria, typhoid fever, brain
concussions) and his sexism (He tried to pull me out of the 8th grade, as that
was "sufficient" education for a girl.), being the moon in two marriages, etc.
-I eventually finished my BA in psychology and MA in anthropology. I
dedicated my thesis to my (youngest, older) brother, a local artist and
muralist, in El Paso, Tx. He died in December 1991 at the age of 46 from a
massive heart attack. My thesis was an ethnography of muralism in El Segundo
Barrio, a community in South El Paso. Right now, I'm working (working?) on a
Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction. Mostly, I'm scrounging up p-t jobs to pay
bills. I dunno, sometimes I think I'm the quintessential late-bloomer: I'll
bloom after I'm buried. I just hope I'm not senile by the time I finish the
Ph.D. But, thanks to a lot of good friends, I'm muddling on.

Interests obviously include SF; a friend and I founded a science fiction club
in El Paso. The club has gone on to greater glory -- all I've done is maintain
my membership, & my friend dropped out of the club. I also hosted a SF
program on the El Paso Lighthouse for the Blind's Radio Reading Program but
gave that up (temporarily) when I went back to college full time. If I can
land a full time job again in El Paso, I hope to revive the SF program. Other
interests include ceramics and making bassoon reeds -- which have also been on