Re: Protest of Prop. 187 politics in ANTHRO-L

Marcial Godoy (mg110@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 10:05:59 -0500

Mr. Hendrickson certainly seems to have made up his mind that there is no
role for politics within anthropology. I would simply like to remind him
that there is a long tradition of political activism by anthropologists.
We need only remember Boas, that citizen-anthropologist, who recognized
long before Foucault's time that knowledge is power, and directed much
energy towards combatting "scientific" racism. Following Boas, the list
of prominent scholars who have actively engaged politics is far too long
too ennumerate. I would simply like to conclude by asking Mr.
Hendrickson to explain his own work. This perhaps might shed some light
on his rather ridiculous position since I can't imaginehow anyone who
works with living individivuals/communities could arrive at such a
In any case, I am indeed one of those "fools" as Mr. Hendrickson so
kindly referred to us, who will gladly sign a petition urging the AAA to
take a stance on proposition 187. Furthermore, I would suggest that the
AAA keep its yearly meetings out of California until this racist
proposition is overturned.
Marcial Godoy