Re: Protest of Prop. 187 politics in ANTHRO-L

Schilmoeller Lane C (lcs926s@NIC.SMSU.EDU)
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 23:04:35 -0600

On Tue, 22 Nov 1994, Lief M. Hendrickson wrote:

> It's improper for an anthropologist to engage in activities
> aimed at influencing local politics
As a private citizen he is, of course, entitled to
> protest, rally, shout, and scream to his heart's content.
> However, as regards a California proposition, his grumblings are
> an intrusion since he's an outsider. We also had a considerable
> effort by the government of Mexico in trying to defeat the
> proposition by the expenditure of large sums of money for
> propaganda. These efforts only worsen the underlying social
> conflict.

Sir, (assumption)
as an anthro, i do not think Fox is out of line. let us imagine that he
were studying these immigrant people who will probably be harmed by the
Prop. in an ethical sense, his protection of his subjects would not be
out of bounds because we could say that he is trying to educate the
population of the damage they will inflict on the migrants. besides, is
the anthropologist more or less likely to come to the aid of those
she sees that cannot defend themselves?
also, as a private citizen of the United States, Aaron is not out of
bounds in this protest, nor is he intruding. Two reasons: 1) i believe
that a major concern on this issue, if I am not being too egocentric and
deaf, is that this kind of legislation could spread to other states in
the Union, heaven forbid, even to the federal level. 2) a personal note,
when I started school, I thried to not vote here in Springfield because I
felt that I was an outsider and that I should not impose my values on
this city with my vote. But that was stupid my employer told me and
after a long argument, I changed my mind. After all, I am condemded to
study for five years in this town. There are going to be other students
who will follow me, so I shouldn't just sit back idly and let them suffer
for my inactivity.
One question, are you in California and did you vote for this Prop?
above, you say "we," and it made me curious. And could you tell us
how the Mexican gov't worsened the social conflict by doing
something that could help people who may be former/present Mexican

> Who pays Mr. Fox, anyway?
If you remember the past `fight'with Fox (I disagreed with him then), he
stated that he was a graduate student. The salary for a TA, if he is
one, is not something for a state to bemoan.
>your words-- "judgments into unfounded premises?"

The Last thing I want to point out is that IF you paid attention, this
issue left the List and is now being conducted by Fox off-list. if you
would have left it at that, I am sure that a lot of people would have
been happier than having you and I argue on their email accounts and
wasting space. The letter from Fox stated that he was to be personally
contacted, and off the list the issue went. I hope that you allow it to
stay off the List and leave off with calling concerned folks "fools"
while you deem that anthropologists should be a-political.
Nothing more,
lane schilmoeller