Research Project

Darrick Williams (darrickw@SFSUVAX1.SFSU.EDU)
Sat, 19 Nov 1994 13:18:12 -0800


My name is Darrick Williams. I'm pursuing a research project in
Guatemala titled "Women's Movements in Latin America: A Guatemalan
Case Study". The intent of this study is to examine how the recent
growth of women's movements and traditional "machista" society are
challenging each other for space in the emerging civil society of
Guatemala. I have been accepted as a research associate by the
centro de estudios urbanos y regionales (Center of urban and
regional studies) at the university of San Carlos in Guatemala
city. However, I am in need of additional funding to enact this
research project. Does anyone out there know of funding sources or
agencies that would be interested in co-sponsoring this project?
Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please
contact me at or
Thank you.


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