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Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.BITNET)
Fri, 18 Nov 1994 04:19:59 CST

hypothesis accounting for Ashkenazi Jews' proclivities for "acing," "bombing,"
or generally speaking treating as a "gut," the WISC/WAIS IQ tests (and others
very much like them). One small discomfort, nevertheless, arose from the
implication, which I'm sure Mike Lieber might rather easily iron out for me,
as to whether said "parenting strategies" were developed with the specific
end in view of socializing offspring to take the test and predicatably "bomb"
it, which is on the face of it implausible (howbeit that such childhood
memories as I retain of IQish matters and family traditions thereto related
supported precisely this position); or whether the tests themselves, bearing
as they do the name of the eponymous ancestor of the prototype of tests now
in use, Wechsler, represented a specifically Ashkenazi-Jewish subcultural
social construction of the suppositious <g>, an elusive essence posited as
lying at the innermost heart, holy-of-holies, of the measurement instrument.

In the prehistory of the Wechsler tests lay the precursor test battery

devised by Louis B. Terman, an old-family WASP and an egregious Nordic
chauvinist. His tests, heavily biased in favor of the literate and those raised
in WASP families of the Better Sort, systematically denied attribution of
higher [mental][cortical] faculties to recent immigrants and African-Americans
raised in the depths of seemingly irremediable poverty, illiteracy, and
insulation from the hegemonic culture:
For example, in a "what's-wrong-with-this-picture" problem, two tennis
players were on a netless court; the testee, to get full credit, had to draw
the net in the proper place. Suchwise were the devices used to screen US Army
inductees into those cognitively qualified, by the so-called Army B Test, for
running straight into the hot lead of enemy machine guns in accordance with
Human Fate in trench warfare, and those lacking even that much.

For Terman, the immigrant hordes from Southern and Eastern Europe, not
least the Jews - Terman was an unmitigated antisemite, represented the
prospect of racial debasement for Nordic-American Civilization. The Jewish
immigrants in particular he singled out for castigation as an Inferior Race.
This antisemitism he shared with another eminent psychologist, Karl Pearson,
whose Pearson's r, the muchbeloved correlation coefficient, has everafterward
bedevilled efforts to "tease apart" multicausal influences (and the usual
masking variables) ostensibly highly and esthetically beautifully correlated
with Person zero-orders. (And behold! For the zero order begat the first-order
partial; yea, and the first order partial begat the second order partial; and
in the due coarseness of time, the whole slovenly mess was congealed in the
linear algebra of Matrices. For it is written, wherever there be a linear
system, and two or three or many variables gather together in My name,
Mother Matrix comes to me, let there be an answer, let it be, let it be.)

Who among you, certainly not this writer, was exempt from that
widespread trauma induced by the realization that the hitherto perfect negative
correlation between the distance of Halley's comet from the sun and one's
chronological age was forever gone.

For farcical effect, this writer has from time to time alluded to "a
daring midnight guerrilla raid, comparable in Jewish History to the Maccabean
Rising at Modin against Seleucid persecution," whereby the Eternal Light of the
Cognitive was borne off by the Hero Wechsler from defilement by *goyish*
persecution." Squelching this image before it Multiplied, I qualified the Epic
down to a deterministic outcome as follows: The Ashkenazi Jewish subculture, as
personified by Wechsler and whose offspring's performance, as measured by
WISC/WAIS, was a definition of the cognitive more suitable to the needs
of the emergent corporate-bureaucratic variant of capitalism witnessed by the
1920s. Ultimate control of the definition of the cognitive, as I have said
repeatedly, is next to control of the means of violence itself, the most
***political*** feature of any social order where the rule providing for one
crowd to do the work, the stinking slimy drudgery; and another crowd altogether
- who needn't know the former elsewise than ***bwah*** or ***you dere***, broad
brawny backs groaning under the lash - does the Civilization, ie, that which,
outside itself, is accounted of no interest by those within itself ("You have
just heard, on WQXR's Eine Kleine Schluftmusik, Imre Prozac's Quintet For Piano
and Strings, Death and the Suburban Housewife, on a Pfizer CD, the composer on
first violin, Geza Prozak on viola, Magda Lanakejn, Cello, Bela Prozak, second
violin, and "Dvorah's mother," piano; liner notes by Gail M. Pietrzyk....My
dears, you simply have no *idea* that Listening To Prozak is a great, simply
great, musicological book tricked out as a Drug book....")

Terman's WASP elitism offered a wellbred, clannish when secure
(Klannish, perhaps, when elsewise), cognitive party-by-the-pool. The
massproduced Lowermiddles of Wechsler's Ashkenazi Jewish de-facto constituency
offered, in their millions, the staff of corporate-industrial multitiered
hierarchies, tending filecabinets in cubbyholes socked away in "skyscraping"
towersofbabel now dwarfing their own denizens in scale and cultural value. (To
this day, who goes to the City to tour
the Bureau of Disability Terminations - familiar to this writer in his required
(1976) dropping-off of marijuana to a Terminator, she in turn friend of a
wifetobe - conditional on probation period - on the eightieth floor of the
World Trade Center South Tower, as opposed to glomming the ithyphallic
megaliths from a distance?) Yet another Jewish specialty, persuasion and
mediamongering, was swept along with this tide too; as witness Edward
Bernays, even the sainted sociological eponymous ancestor, Paul Lazersfeld, who
created Quant Meth and found it good. (See Paul Ewen, Captains of
Consciousness.) The Jews themselves, that is, did not control the definition of
the cognitive. This control ultimately reposed in the hands of the corporate-
bureaucratic-managerial elite, mingling owners with managerial responsibilities
with managers with investments in the millions and options for more.

Yet IQ cultism, indeed, penetrated to the, uh, *concrete cracks* - no
grassroots and no grass - of the Jewish neighborhoods. My own mother told me,
endlessly, ad inf, "I had the highest IQ in my class in Wadleigh[?] High
School." There was in no uncertain terms no question that my duty to both
Family and Tribal heritages was to equal or excel whateveritwas; and I'd heard
of whateveritwas quite a while before getting exposed to it. There was, too, I
regret to say, *corruption*. My first testing, elsewise my second, the adequacy
of the testing, you see, having been determined by my mother's gratification
with the score obtained, was on the order of *astounding*. (In high school, I
was told, a student carrying a stack of file folders in performing an errand
saw my by-now-known-fraudulent-or-erroneously-measured Magic Number and dropped
the pile.) Not boasting; *complaint*. Dyslexia, speech-impediment, and
ever-more-salient glaring deficiencies in written verbal fluency as well,
highlighted the counterempirical quality of the Magic Number; yet where there
was a conflict, eg, with SAT scores, the Magic Number won.
Throughout this period, from the 1920s onward, so-called "verbal"
subtests have been supplemented by "performance" subtests. As before, the
highly intercorrelated "verbal" subtests measure, firsly-and-foremostly, your
*choice of parents*. This writer loves the phrase, "choice of parents," in that
the latter is the most important of all one's "choices" in determination of End
Up, as the people of this country call Human Fate (or peak adult socioeconomic
status). As I said tonight to a partially voluntary (though partially not)
audience in this creepy computer room, "Take Responsibility thus corresponds
to the Jewish Inquisition's tortures used in extracting your Confession for
volitionally intending your own Inferiority!" [Note: Failure to make speeches
whenever or wherever possible, if even then, may prove in time to *prevent
Republicans*; elsewise, it may *cause Republicans*. Or both. Only sustained
effort day and night will furnish evidence either way; not that Further Studies
Will Not Be Necessary.]

To a large degree, then, elite control of the definition of the
cognitive favored a pre-existing subcultural system of childhood socialization;
yet superimposed upon the latter was an overtly-IQ-test-directed preoccupation
with IQ testing as inculcated by maniacal parental indoctrination. This is not
dissimilar to induced fixation upon acquisition of academic degrees at the low-
est (prefectural) level of the Chinese examination system; not to mention the
higher degrees conferring offices at stake in the examinations held at the
provincial and national capitals.

In college, even graduate school, excepting only those privy to my Magic
Number, I was regarded as stupid, crazy, or most likely both. (This preceded my
Vicious Descent Into Moral Turpentine In Post Facto Determination.) As of 1987,
I proudly hail my numerological parity with former Vice-President Quayle, long
may he wave; it's 104. Egg on psychometric faces, however little, is rinsed off
by diagnosing elsewise-undetectable Brain Damage discerned by scrutiny of
"verbal-performance subtest deficiencies." (Then again, in oldtime Mesopotamia,
there were these *haruspices*, you understand, you scrutinized patterns of
spots on sheeps' livers. We've forgot the Numbers; bring on the Differences In
Numbers.)[The Numerologically Fuddled search DSM-IV, which is *not a car*, in
vain for Insane Mother Syndrome."]

The IQ cult among upwardly-mobile Jews - my old Bronx neighborhood was one
of the nation's great exporters of dentists, certified public accountants, and
those sent to the Bronx High School of Science for admission to glorious vistas
above and beyond that - was stifled, for a time only, in the assimilation of
the Holocaust as the logical conclusion of claims to "racial" Superiority of
whatever sort. Mike Lieber is to be saluted, indeed, for his dogmatic refusal
to entertain the possibilities of any essentialist differences between Jews and
Gentiles; and for his resort to explanations of a cultural-socializational
character. I agree. I cannot more agree. "We are each and every one Something
That Just Crawled Out Of The Gene Pool," even one that was chlorinated. We are
All The Same, Created Equal; said it before, will never cease to say it.

At the turn of the 1960s, Jewish researchers turned their hand to debunking
the (apparent) socially-constructed fraud of Jewish IQ supremacy: there was,
to be sure, no concomitant modification of offspring-socialization practices.
Image is one thing; where one's children End Up is quite otherwise. The
research, as it happened, dovetailed neatly with my crescent conviction of my
own mumbling idiocy, seemingly deepening and so regarded by peers. So I grabbed
the 1960 volume of Psychological Abstracts.

In one study, it was established that, by the end of the 1950s, 55% of the
clinical psychologists (then doubling as psychometricians, IQ testers
inclusive) in the country were Jewish; also, 60% of the psychiatrists were
Jewish; also again, 75% of the psychoanalysts were Jewish; and an incredible
80% of the *patients of psychoanalysts* were Jewish! My convictions as to a
"Jewish Inquisition," as suggested above, whose aggregate contribution to
society was the freezing of the social hierarchy as it was (with the most
minor social mobility attributable to their ministrations due to marginal
differences in motivation and, of course, autosuggestive fees paid to practi-
tioners (still and away the most efficacious part of Shrinkage); but notwith-
standing minimal relative change the effort, stimulated via Shrinkage,
requisite to remaining in the same place, inevitably increased. What else.
Whence my usage, "Jewish Inquisition," long after the decline in percent
Jewish from the preceding levels.

A second study was devoted to the family configurations of 27 children,
of all places in the Old Neighborhood, with IQs of 170+. In 24 cases, the
mothers were frantic, voluble, anxious, educationally obsessed. The fathers
were dim, shadowy figures. Only children were found in a majority of families;
two in the remainder. Twenty-one of the twenty-four families with the ideal-
typical configuration were Jewish; three more were not Jewish howbeit their
families conformed to the ideal-type in full otherwise; and three, I thought
at the time, were "real." But by now changed my mind about that: Nothing at
all or wheresomever about the Numbers Racket, the Cortex Lottery, is "real,"
not in the sense of heritable or genetically "determined" as opposed to
"enabling," this not restricting much of anybody much of anything.

Eugenics is the improvement of domesticated animals by manipulation of
mating (or manipulation of genes, latterly). The pretext for this may be
*the condition of the bulk of the human species as domesticated animals
"kept" by minorities of their own societies. Which is, however, unacknowledged,
least so where subjective *experiences* of Freedom are indeed Experienced with
the aid of a bit of mayhem, universal carownership, and substitution of car
surveillance for presentation of documents to the Polizei.

B. Essentialist-Racial-stock Improvement Explanations of Jewish "Smartness":

What has been suggested, NOT EXCEPTING FOR THE JEWS, has been the operation
of a fortuitous Eugenics Experiment, over historical time. The inferential
outcome is the Post Facto positing of the prior Improvement of the Breed, given
that there had been Survivors; whence in turn it followed that said Survivors
were Fittest. <crep!> Ashkenazi Jews were survivors who survived, and survived,
indeed, to become the Flaw In The Ointment for eugenicist apologists (at best)
for, and all too commonly the active collaborators of, antisemites and racists.

One such, indeed, turns up as the veritable mentor of Herrnstein & Murray,
The Bell Curve, 1994. Cogniscenti of the Herrnstein-Murray enterprise need not,
by this time, be subjected to further explication of the activities of *The
Manking Quarterly: An International Quarterly Journal dealing with Race and
Inheritance...*; nor of those of the Pioneer Fund. Herrnstein & Murray's draw-
ing upon "tainted" sources such as these is Bad Scholarship, assuming of course
that Scholarship is what's at issue here, by contrast, for instance, to trumpet
calls to arms for a mass movement of the Right. Nobody in the latter, for all
practical purposes, will be the least interested in scholarly research methods
or the Rules of Evidence in the Court of Scientific Inquiry (unless someone
needs a parking ticket fixed). Attacking or defending anyone's Logical Reason-
ing against anyone else's will generate tediousness rather than snappy sound-
bites for anchors rolling videotape.
(I)Herewith is our first eugenicist piece-a-[deleted] conjecturing-with-magic-
wand anent Jewish smartness:

"Take the case of Richard Lynn, A professor of psychology at the Univer-
sity of Ulster in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Lynn was particularly influ-
ential in guiding the two authors of The Bell Curve through their reviews of
the literature. In the book's acknowledgements, they say they "benefitted
especially" from the "advice" of Lynn, whom they identify only as "a leading
scholar of racial and ethnic differences" (pp xxv, 272).
Lynn is an associate editor of Mankind Quarterly, and has received
$325,000 from the Pioneer Fund. One of his articles expressed support for
the view that "the poor and the ill" are weak specimens whose proliferation
needs to be discouraged in the interests of the improvement of the genetic
quality of the group, and ultimately of group survival. €He has also written
that the genetic mental superiority of the Jews may be a happy Darwinian
byproduct of "intermittent persecutions which the more intelligent may have
been able to foresee and escape."€<<<============= DIG THIS!
(Charles Lane, "The Tainted Sources of The Bell Curve," The New York
Review of Books, December 1, 1994.)

Mike Lieber may well be capable of outarguing this oleaginous slimeball
*to the satisfaction of the Jews themselves*. The grossness of millennia of
genocidal persecutions as the driver of Natural Selection is preposterous;
and the argument which might be made regarding cowardice, quasi-voluntary
conversion, or the uses of bribery in persecutory outbreaks which, of
course, is available to the affluent alone, possesses more than sufficient
face validity to demolish Lynn's nonsensical thesis. But not the disposition
of antisemites to rationalize future pogroms, if any, as doing the Jews a

(II)Here's an odder case by far. The "eugenic" explanation for alleged Jewish
Smartness is adduced by a bestselling medievalist historian, Norman F. Cantor,
The Civilization of the Middle Ages, Harper Perennial 1993[1994].(Listed as
Professor of history, sociology, and comparative literature, New York Univer-
There are two places in the volume where the weird, in my opinion, eugenics
argument is adduced:

1. The first occasion is tangentially related to the first major serious
crackdown on clerical celibacy, mid-eleventh century.

"From the twentieth century point of view, the Gregorian papacy was engaging
in negative eugenics--the best educated and in many instances, most intelligent
component of the population was told not to produce offspring (compared with
the opposite in the Jewish community, where rabbis were instructed by the Tal-
mud to marry young and procreate freely). If [Peter Cardinal] Damiani [1007-
1072] and the other Gregorians could have understood this Darwinian argument
they would have rejected it because of their eschatological and messianic
inclinations." (p. 252)

This is no mistake. Even had the above represented a childish, youthful
screwup due to lack of judgment when the book was first published, thirty
years before, as Medieval History: Life and Death of a Civilization, by 1993
the text has been one-third rewritten. What's in there is intentionally in
there; hence, given Cantor's tendency to repetitiveness in the assumption
that the reader forgets almost faster than reads, it's very much Cantoresque
that the same notion recurs:

2. "Today we look at the psychological and eugenic sides of the question.
Sexual deprivation is not entirely healthy for most people, we believe. And by
eliminating the progeny of so many of the most intelligent and learned people
in European society (think of the whole faculty of Paris and Oxford Universi-
ties, for instance), the church was engaging in reverse eugenics. The Jews did
just the opposite. Not only did the rabbis condemn celibacy, but they were
encouraged to marry young and produce lots of children. Jewish couples who
followed rabbinnical law were supposed to celebrate the Sabbath with
copulation." (p. 503)

There are NO MORE LIBERALS OUT THERE, PEOPLE! Just a ravening mob of greedy,
twisted, Me First, callous, invidious-distinction-obsessed lowerarchs coveting
hierarchs. This AINT ABOUT SCIENCE, be very clearmost thereabout!

This prophet of doom, meaning me, has been W-R-O-N-G, wronger than ever in
his short life. As prophets go, I mean. For instance, I told you that there
was *at this very time* a social upheaval going on in this country, to culmi-
nate in Total Social Transformation, or somethingorother.


Changing this country from the Left is wellnigh impossible-and-a-half, given
complexities indescribable. Making this country worser than ever to the point
of the unspeakable is child's play by comparison. And as the country must, has
just gotta, *move*, man, like, you know, it's gonna do that Right Thingie, has
last week done done if f'r damsure now. Hail the gingrich that stole christian-
ity, even iff'n hail just bounces off'n 'im!

Daniel A. Foss,