Wedding Ceremony Symbolism

Sherwin P. Hicks (V935CF54@TEMPLEVM.BITNET)
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 19:31:43 EST

I 'm hoping some of the brilliant people on Anthro-l will be able to help me.
I researching the origin of symbolism behind wedding ceremonies, if
there is anyone with any such information, please forward it to me at your
earliest convenience. I've been presented with a variety of theories regarding
this topic, I would like to receive an expert opinion or reference to a
reliable source. So far, my research has revealed very little regarding this
issue. I've found either conflicting information or information of a frivilous
nature (eg. "1001 New Wedding Ideas"). The greatest debate surrounds the
symbolism behind the wedding party. What were the original tasks performed by
these individuals???? When and where did these rituals begin (if at more than
one location at approximately the same time, please state the locations and
approximate time period). This information will be used for another list which
was established for student discussion.

Sherwin P. Hicks <v935cf54>
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA