Re: qualitative data

Sat, 12 Nov 1994 12:55:15 -0400

> From: "SARAH J. HAUTZINGER" <shautzin@DU.EDU>
> Subject: RE: qualitative data

This is a bit of topic....

> I'm analyzing dissertation fieldwork data with NUD*IST (Non-numerical,
> Unstructured Data - Indexing Searching and Theorizing. It's creators
> swear they will change the name, but there are those of use who favor it.

Why would they want to change the name? I think it's an excellent name,
but then I am a nudist (although I prefer the term naturist).

> Makes for racey answering machine messages, i.e. "Hi. We met at the nudist

What is racey about nudist or nudism?

The clothing compulsive culture in the US, as well as other cultures,
have a real problem with body shame, or lack of body acceptance, and an
irrational blind conformity to society's temporary fashions and rules.

This was not aimed at Sarah but at society in general.

I would like to do some anthropological research on nudism/naturism,
but I am a bit biased on the subject. Although, field work wouldn't be
a problem.

>...[good information on NUD*IST software and CAM deleted]...

Anyway, thank you Sarah for the information about the software and CAM.

*Paul Fortman

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