I'm stupid, im smart, im just plain crazy, doda-doda

Schilmoeller Lane C (lcs926s@NIC.SMSU.EDU)
Fri, 11 Nov 1994 13:48:22 -0600

On Wed, 9 Nov 1994, JOHN WALDMANN wrote:

> YET another dumb question initiated by a little in house field work.
> Ethnographic context: Coffee break, final exams.
> Two MA (anthropology) students letting it all

i cannot take it any more!!! you people are gonna bust my gut with this :>
foss, waldmann and others, you are too funny! i sit down, get ready to
jump into my email, take a deep breath because i fear another explosion,
and VIOLA, here you make me laugh!
thank you very much; i just had to laugh hahaha!!
and for another side, }|) what is you alls definition of stupid anyway?
some are saying naive, others prefer uneducated/educatable, and so on. i
think of stupid more in terms of something that you know is wrong,
incorrect, unhealthy, and so on. i guess mine is a contextual definition
from people saying "Boy, was that stupid."
also, i wanted to throw something in there about foss's comment on
Weber and the loony bin. aren't all you braniacs a little eccentric?
the "fathers" of sociology are all a little bizarre (Comte wanted
socio-priests to lead us to some greater world later in his life i do
believe). doesn't 'smartness' entail high brain activity in some fashion
and when your brain's going a
zillion words a minute, you could be a bit confused. geniuses
are all a bit off balance; don't you all suffer from some
idiosyncrasies. i mean i obviously suffer from delusions of grandure ;]

i may just be an idiot-savant, so just smile and nod your head :>
lane schilmoeller };) (imp winks and says, "later")

ps because you, plural, often like tearing up what is meant to be a joke,
that bit about brain activity, i really don't know, it just sounded
appropriate, so don't zap me on that. I do remember someone posting
something about people with higher IQs not showing as much brain activity
when solving test questions or somehting like that. oh well, i am one of
the stupid after all...