Refutations of Rushton & others

Rob Quinlan (C611417@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU)
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 13:09:45 CST

I don't think _Not in our genes_ is a good counter to Rushton. If my
memory serves me Lewontin et al essentially argue against a straw man
sociobiology of genetic determinism. (I don't think any biosocial types are
really genetic determinists with the possible exception of E.O. Wilson's early
stuff -- anyway Wilson isn't very influential in mainstream sociobiology).

Several people have already gone into print w/ criticisms of Rushton including:
Kim Hill, James Chisolm, and Linda Mealey. (The first two have already been
brought to the attention of anthro-lers.) I would be happy to provide citation
s to those who are seriously interested in reading them. Also, I hear from
another list (hbes-l) that Henry Harpending (Penn. State) is working on a revie
w article of Rushton/Murray and others. I don't know when and where this is
going to appear, but I will post it when I find out, i.e., if people are intere

Rob Quinlan