Re: Religion and Science

Leo Thomas Walsh (ai653@KSU.KSU.EDU)
Mon, 7 Nov 1994 02:22:58 -0600

On Sat, 29 Oct 1994, Cal Eastman wrote:

> science and mysticism are sisters. religion is from some other family. ALl
> three attempt to answer the questions of existence, and your place in it.
> Religions main tool is FAITH. Faith means to accept, without question
> proof or
> hesitation.

Many, many people accept, without question or hesitation that there is a
force in this universe called gravity that pulls things together. Proof
is relative. When stout followers of the Catholic faith perform
ceremonies of Tongues (as in speaking in) or healing that is considered
proof that God exists. When a scientist uses the Cavendish device to
measure the attraction between to objects that is considered proff for
gravity. We can neither see nor touch that which causes either of the
above. But, both are carried out as an experiment to prove something.
When a scientist drops a ball and measures an acceleration not equal to
9.8 m/s2, then it is attributed to "experimental error." When a person
doesn't get healed, it is attributed to some fault of the patient or
healer (experimental error). In these cases, neither God nor Gravity
(capital g on perpose here) are to blame.

> mysticism and science are both empirical and experiental. physics and
> metaphysics. both require work, effort and DOUBT.
> (see the Book of Lies by A Crowley)
> doubt drives one to search for answers, to make oneself know. Faith dissuades
> the search for answers, because answers might be contrary to belief.

As folks like Dr. Lederman search for their penultimate particle in
physics, they are coming so close to reaching religion, they don't even
know it. According to Lederman, the title of "God Particle" is a term
force on to it by the publishers, but I claim it isn't a bad name. When
physicists finally find their basic particle, they *will*, without doubt
accept that particle as *the* basic particle for all matter. To claim
that is just as scientific as claiming that it is the will of God. It is
the ultimate answer without refute. It is the scientific method though
that will cause researchers all over the world to try and prove the
Ledermans of physics wrong. No such thing will happen in a religion

> I raise my glass to mysticism and science, to freedom and inquiry.
> I toast the quest, and shun the easy answer.
> Boom shiva
> mahalinga nataraj
> :)
> (puffiness 4evah)