Re: Race

wilkr (wilkr@INDIANA.EDU)
Sun, 6 Nov 1994 21:39:52 -0500

In reference to the artificiality of race, I just read two wonderful
articles in the November/December UTNE Reader.

Noel Ignatiev writes "Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity" -
points out that the vast majority of "white" people have all kinds of
mixture in their heritage, and suggests that they stop calling themselves
white. He cites Theodore Allen's wonderful historical book "The Invention
of the White Race."

Adrian Piper is extracted from his article "Passing for White, Passing
for Black" published in "Transition" (the only journal I read cover to
cover every issue - unlike AA, for eg.), arguing that 95 percent of white
people are 5 to 80 percent black...and discussing the totally cultural
nature of ethnic classification in the US

Lawrence Wright, extracted from the New Yorker, discusses what would
happen if the "one drop principle" was really applied as it is legally
mandated in many states.

My two cents: American conservatives are being astute politicians.
Americans are obsessed with issues of nature and nurture - look at all
the public fascination with adoption, blood and crime. Conservatives have
turned the Republican party into the "nature" party - environment means
nothing, heredity is destiny. Rushton is just playing comforting music to
those already seated and singing.

Be sure to vote!

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