Re: Ad Man (& Yee's catch-up)

Sun, 6 Nov 1994 13:43:26 -0500

To the attention of Danny Yee (& others in a similar bind):

Hongjie Wang wrote:
> COME ON......, Danny. Why keep sucking age-old fodders from trough when even
> formulars on the shelves are becoming outdated. Aron Fox and John Mcreery
> have long declared this topic of THEIRS a dead horse half million
> Internet years ago by apologizing/explaining/deciphering to each other
> and the whole group. But now you dig it up again and try to sling it around
> in the universe of ANTHRO-L. Drop it, will you?
in reponse to a longish post from Danny Yee, wherein he was reacting to some-
thing that had gone on during his two-month absence (the return from which he
announced here). I might suggest that dredging up old, dead issues is bad
enough (_vide supra_), but to do so when you've been away for an extended
period is even worse. When one excavates the accumulated clutter, if one is
absolutely driven to react to something one finds, then by all means one
should react. But do so *to the author of the post* which provokes the
reaction!!! Please do the rest of us the courtesy of not having to play catch-up
along with you.

Ken Jacobs
U de Montreal