urban anthropology graduate programs, and the film VICOS

Sat, 5 Nov 1994 10:34:29 -0500

In doing research for the book HOMELESS IN GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE (GK Hall,
Macmillan, 1994) I maintained a correspondance with urban arhitects, planners,
street workers, etc., from many places. One man has recently written (an
urban architect and planner from Paraguay) to ask my advice on urban-focussed
Ph.D. programs in the US. He is finishing up a master's in Mexico City in
urban studies. I know that his past research has been in mobilizing residents
of squatter settlements. If you can recommend a graduate program for him
to look into, please e-mail me directly.

On another note, I have used the film (it was a TV documentary) on the VICOS
project of Cornell and Alan Holmberg. I have lost track of how to obtain the
film, and I further forgot its exact title. Can anyone help out? Thank you!