Marius Johnston (mariusj@NETCOM.COM)
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 16:12:05 -0800

Message 23/35 From Mike Lieber Nov 3, 94 05:29:30 am

Gee, Marius, I didn't think I was being equivocal at all. Hicks said his
piece, and he took his hits. So enough is enough. You want to kick the man
some more? Nobody's stopping you. Or do you just want to keep the Rushton
thread going when it's obvious that the rest of us are tired of it? It's
over, Marius.


I think you are confused.

I wonder why, since you seem to be "aware" of so much, that you posted that 10
paragraph diatribe,"Mr. Hicks, mad-ons, and strategy", the 2nd of November.
On the 1st of Nov."timing" and a 14 paragrapher on 31st of Oct. On and on
Doing your bit I see.

My post was directed to you, not Mr. Hicks. You will note that, unlike
yourself, I have not responded to him since his first post.

Marius Johnston