Annual Review of Anthropology, 1995

Anita Cohen-Williams (IACAGC@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU)
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 01:36:43 -0700

24, October 1995, of the ANNUAL REVIEW OF ANTHROPOLOGY.

"Kinship Studies in Late Twentieth Century Anthropology," M. Peletz

"The Archaeology of Slavery in North America," T.A. Singleton

"Ideology in Archaeological Research," D. Freidel

"The Archaeology of Tasmania," R. Jones

"The Political Economy of Early Mesopotamian States," N. Yoffee

"Culture and Slow Virus Infections," M.P. Alpers

"Osteoporosis in Biocultural Perspective," W.A. Stini

"Biological Changes in Human Populations with Agriculture," C.S. Larsen

"Life History Patterns of Pleistocene Humans," B.H. Smith and R. Tompkins

"Bioarchaeology in the Post-Repatriation Era," J. Rose

"Miocene Hominids and Hominid Origins," B.R. Benefit

"Literacy and Literacies," J. Collins

"Metrical Phonology," M. Hammond

"Language Acquisition in Cross-linguistic Perspective," E. Bavin

"Advances in Maya Epigraphy," V.R. Bricker

"Political Rhetoric and Social Enquiry in Contemporary India," A. Beteille

"Anthropological Research in China," M. Yang

"The "Popular" in American Culture," E. Traube

"Culture of Science," S. Franklin

"Problem of Ethnography in the World System," G. Marcus

"Commodities and Consumption," D. Miller

"Social and Cultural Aspects of AIDS," R. Bolton

"Race and Racism," F. Harrison

"Perspectives on the Peopling of the New World," D.J. Meltzer

"Archaeology and Gender," M. Conkey

"Hormones, Sex, and Gender: Advances and New Biocultural Models," C.
"Gender and Sexuality," R.C. Morris

"Masculinity," L.J.D. Wacquant

"Anthropology of the Borderlands," R. Alvarez

"Refugees and Exiles," L. Malkki

"Language and Borders," B. Urciuoli

"Transnationalism," M. Kearney

"Frontiers, Elites, and Cultural Borders," K. Lightfoot

The institutional affiliations are included for each of the authors. If
anyone needs to know who is where, drop me a note.

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