Wed, 2 Nov 1994 15:01:44 -0600

1. The Levity side...
a colleague about a year ago commenting on a book assigned to
a class I asked him about. `Assigned it? I'm even thinking of maybe
reading it!"

2. The Schmedity side...

It turns out that one Charles Murray is going to give a lecture
right here on Metro State College campus in Denver a week from today.
This I learned from the something-less-than-authoritative `Rocky Mountain
News' where an ad had been placed in today's paper. On closer inspection
it turns out that 1. His talk is not sponsored by the college, which is
only providing the venue, but 2. is sponsored by a group called
Coloradoans for Economic Alternatives who are funded by the Berger Foundation.
3. The Bell Curve isn't mentioned in the ad, only his earlier work, losing
`Losing Ground' - his passionate plea to simply eliminate ALL welfare
programs (which apparently made none other than President Reagan un
comfortable). The tickets cost $15 a seat - but then one needs to be
philosophical... That is only half the price of the `Bell Curve.' What
a deal. In a related news item, the associate editor of the News wrote
a generally complementary editorial of Murray that amounted to promoting
his visit.