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On 29 May 96 at 13:01, Hugh W. Jarvis wrote:

> Anyone have any ideas here? Please post to the original sender, and
> please consider the serious nature of this subject.
> Hugh

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> Subject: NAGPRA-Trafficking-Ritual Objects
> Date: Tuesday, May 28, 1996 7:50PM
> [ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ]:
> From: William J. Whatley < >

> The US Attorney would like for the Pueblo to disclose the secret
> "society" markings carried on each of the artifacts to help prove
> how they know the objects are authentic (this disclosure would
> violate the Pueblos Unwritten Traditional Tribal Laws). She also
> needs to know the date of the alleged "taking" ...or the date the
> objects were last seen/utilized by the Pueblos Traditional Leaders.

[Much Cut]

> Given the above situation, does anyone have any suggestions as to
> how the Pueblo of Jemez can provide stronger proof without
> disclosing secret society information, or prior case references that
> I can present to the US Attorneys Office to help them in
> prosecuting this case?


> Respectfully yours,
> William J. Whatley, Tribal Archaeologist
> Pueblo of Jemez
> PS: My email address of "" will change on June
> 1st to a new address that is unknown at this time.

1) Can a neighboring tribe with a similar tradition be called in to
collaborate the secret markings?


2) Has the marketer of "replicas" been approached to make the
gesture of donating such questionable objects to the Jemez --a
gesture, that I would think would be incumbant on anyone, who having
admitted being at least in the business of making "replicas", creates
such confusing predictaments?

Ka Xiik Keech Ya Utzil,

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