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In addition to more than a dozen African countries, Brazil will be
included this summer.

Applications will be accepted as long as there is space available and
enough time to process the applications, even beyond the normal period for
accepting applications.

At this point, persons who are interested in participating in the Summer
1996 program (and who are planning to submit an application) must inform
the Crossroads office of this by phone the soonest possible in order to be
included, because air tickets will soon be purchased.

Please get your PASSPORT and get your travel INOCULATIONS started now!


Operation Crossroads Africa
Phone: 212-870-2106
M-F 10am-4pm EST



FYI: Summer Living/Working/Traveling in Brazil or Africa

Internships Work Projects Travel Study Camps

=>Both the ON-LINE BROCHURE and ON-LINE APPLICATION are now available.
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=>These will be sent by E-Mail on request.

E-Mail your request to:

"AFRICA/BRAZIL Summer Program"<crw@loop.com>

Thank you,

LaVerne Brown

Operation Crossroads Africa
Phone: 212-870-2106
M-F 10am-4pm EST


-An important aspect of the Crossroads program is for participants to
"represent" their campus or community and to share their experiences
on return.

In exchange for support from campus, religious, civic groups and
businesses, participants often make arrangements to "give
something back" to their communities on return - whether this is
holding an informal talk, writing a story to be published, or
helping others to have a similar experience.

Donations from individuals and businesses on behalf of participants
are tax-deductible.

-This is an INTENSE living, work and learning experience at the grassroots
level in Africa where some of the modern conveniences taken for
granted in Western countries, will not be present.

You will "...experience Africa from the inside out," as one
participant described her experience. "This is not an African tour."


-Since 1958, 10,000 students, professionals and others working for humane,
sustainable development in Africa and in Brazil

-Students generally arrange with their schools to receive credit
(typically 5 to 10 units) for their summer experience

-Crossroads participants do not go to Africa to impose their own Western
values, but to seek comprehension of African values; they are
challenged to adjust to local ways of doing many things

-The fee includes all room & board & travel beginning with the Orientation
in New York, through return to New York at summer's end.


Operation Crossroads Africa sponsors several categories of projects:

a) community development; b) agricultural/farming/reforestation;
c) archaeology/anthropology/art; d) primary medicine/public health
projects e) wildlife/fisheries management [under development]; f) computer
literacy program, aimed at providing young adults with hands-on exposure to
computers, E-Mail and the Internet; g) African music/musical instruments:
the role of music in traditional and contemporary societies [under
development]; h) teaching/tutoring; i) construction/building/erecting

All of our projects involve a component of physical work and most are
located in rural areas. Tentative project sites for Summer '96 are:

1) South America: Brazil (Portuguese) To be announced/new projects
2) Botswana - Construction / Community Development
3) Gambia - Construction / Community Development
4) Ghana [3 Groups]-(a) Computer Training (b) Medical (c) Construction
5) Eritrea - Reforestation/Tree Planting / Teaching English
6) Ivory Coast (French) To be announced
7) Kenya - Medical / Health
8) Senegal (French) Environmental / Irrigation / Agricultural
9) South Africa - Construction / Community Development
10) Tanzania - Art / Humanities
11) Uganda - Construction / Teaching English / Tutoring
12) Zimbabwe - Renovation / Teaching English / Tutoring


PROGRAM DATES: End of June through mid-August (approximate dates
...contact the office for exact departure/return dates)

ORIENTATION: There will be a several-day Orientation in New York prior to

O P E R A T I O N C R O S S R O A D S A F R I C A, Inc

475 Riverside Dr., N.Y., N.Y. 10115-0050, Suite 831

212-870-2106 OFFICE / 212-870-2055 FAX / ocainc@aol.com
M-F 10am-4pm EST

...a non-profit educational organization - IRS 501(C)(3)