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no news like good news -- Marta

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In case you wanted some good news!


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Here we go again. I am sure you've already heard the following about
NSF but in case you haven't, I just heard myself.


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Yesterday, on April 24th, the Republicans on the House Science Committee
voted to eliminate the Social, Behaviorial, and Economic Research Division
of the National Science Foundation. While this program has never been large
within NSF -- the agency asked for $93 million for SBER in FY 1997 -- it
has always played an important role in the funding of social science
research. SBER supports research in anthropology, psychology, geography,
cognitive science, linguistics, the philosophy of science, economics,
political science, and science and technology studies. The Division is home
to several major programs that have no analog in other government agencies,
such as the Ethics and Values Studies Program, the Human Capital
Initiative, and a public policy program which helps young scientists and
engineers become contributors to science and technology policy.

The National Science Board, the body that oversees NSF (and whose vice
chair is UT Vice President Marye Anne Fox) issued a strong defense of NSF
funding for social science last year. However, House Science Committee
Chairman Robert Walker convinced his Republican colleagues on the committee
that social science research is "not real science," as he put it in a
speech a year ago, and thus the vote for the elimination of SBER.

It may be appropriate for social scientists to consider writing members of
Congress or the President to express their opinions about this action on
the part of the Science Committee.

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