Re: Requesting response... (fwd)

Lief M. Hendrickson (hendrick@NOSC.MIL)
Mon, 22 May 1995 09:54:30 PDT

On May 22, Tammy Lam wrote:

>This letter was forwarded to me from Cal Berkeley. I found it extremely
>offensive and sick that such an ignorant person could right something
>like this. Please respond to Miss. Shelee Degner directly and invite her
>to our Anthro-L group so others may join and respond to her letter.

Looks like another version of a "chain letter". (I've not attached a
copy because that would be propagating it further!). As indicted by
all the forwarding captions (in Tammy's post), the person who
originated the message has certainly been successful in getting her
message spread over the internet. She's probably reveling in all the
attention! Responding to her would undoubtedly encourage her further.

I'm not sure why Tammy wants to characterize the "letter" as coming
"from Cal Berkeley". True, it was apparently via some persons at Cal
Berkeley, but it was also propagated by Tammy at St Mary's College,
and I don't think she'd want the implication of that kind of stuff
coming "from St Mary's College".

BTW there was a message spread over the internet last Feb promoting
a group called the "American Purification Society" which listed goals
that were not nice. The message had a real name and email address.
It turned out to be a forgery, and the innocent person received
hundreds of flames. The sad part was that he received about a dozen
supporting messages.