budgets and confused concern

james burton (jhburton@FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU)
Mon, 22 May 1995 11:03:36 -0500

This weekend there was an anthro-l post suggesting the Federation (whoever
they are, i've yet to learn)'s "EMERGENCY" budget post was unnecessarily
alarmist and that only a proposed 3% NSF increase was negated, or something
like that.
Yet House Bill 1158 explicitly rescinds $131,867,000 from the National
Science Foundation's current budget from Public Law 103-327. As the
Foundation stated, the NY Times today says that the "BRIGHT" news for
scientists (!!!) is that the budget cuts are to come entirely from the
Social Sciences and Anthropology. This bill by the way easily passed the
house and the parallel version has passed the senate. There is a $3+
billion difference (out of $19) between the versions that is now quickly
being worked out, but i found no evidence of any disagreement about the
anthropology cuts - people are trying to salvage many other important if
not critical programs of which there are too depressingly many to list.
This, simply put, DOES alarm me. If there is no need for such concern, can
someone PLEASE take the time to explain why not??
There are a number of other 'alarmist' rumors that I don't want to
contribute to spreading,, such as gutting the Historic Preservation Act...
but if there's no need for worry..I'd desperately like to know!!
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