Re: Darwin fish

Iain Davidson (idavidso@METZ.UNE.EDU.AU)
Thu, 18 May 1995 13:01:25 +1000

Tom Love writes
>The discussion has been wonderful. I hope to be posting more in a few
>days. In the meantime I'm trying to track down when/who/where the modern
>Christian use of the fish symbol came about, and what were the meanings
>attached. Preliminary discussion with colleagues and friends suggests
>that it started out in the mid-70s much like the usage in the early church
>days as a sign of mutual recognition, not really a political statement per
>se, but that it's become politicized and more narrowly confined to
>conservative Christians of late.
Forgive me, I have become vry curious about the pattern of responses in
these sorts of lists. Can you explain to me why he should post a question
that is almost identical to mine, and with some of the same observations
without reference to it?

This is what I posted on 17/5/95
So we know the origins of the Xtian thing, but when did it start to
reappear? It seems to me that it was not common until ?1970s? Was this a
Billy Graham thing or something associated with those sort of cults. Was
it American or more widespread?

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