Mr John Ford (John.Ford1@JCU.EDU.AU)
Thu, 18 May 1995 07:42:25 +1000

And then there is the 'it takes one to know one' discourse. This
essentialising discourse is designed to silence all those who are
labelled 'outsiders'. It is also a convenient secondary elaboration that
explains away otherwise difficult questions.

Aborigines generally do not access to e-mail. Those that do are in
high-paid government jobs - hardly likely to 'rock the boat'. I am not
suggesting all 'programs', and Australia has untold such programs
including the ubiquitous CDEP (Work for the dole) scheme which is ONLY
directed at Aborigines, are problematic from Aboriginal perspective. But
while all these programes are in exitence do they not PROVE our racist
attitudes and policies? Such programes are the result of the fact that
indigenous people cannot gain general access to employment.As Aborigines
will tell any who care to listen the last recommendation of the Royal
Commission in Aboriginal Deaths in Custory was concerned with establishing
a 'process of reconciliation", but if there had been a process of
reconciliation in process there would not have been any reason for the
other 338 recommendations.

john ford--