a request from a literature (sci-fi) colleague

Mon, 15 May 1995 16:25:59 -0500

As a literary scholar working on the relationship between anthropologi-
cal/ethnographic/travel writing on the one hand, and adventure and
science fiction on the other, I am searching for texts that discuss the
influence of high-speed communications and simulations technologies
on anthropological and ethnographic work. I'm particularly interested
in two aspects of this influence: a) the way the object of study has
been changed (e.g., the extension of communications space leading to
the collapse and implosion of archaic cultures; the development of
high tech subcultures and geographies as legitimate objects of study);
and b) the way the methods and methodologies have changed (e.g.,
have huge databases, computational programs, e-mail., hypertext,
and other technological innovations led to different approaches to
the objects of study, and/or different kinds of self-reflection about the
work of anthro/ethnography.