Professional Development Seminar

Tue, 9 May 1995 23:11:00 +0000

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First Nations' Self-determination
and Authority
May 18th and 19th, 1995
Coqualeetza Cultural Education Centre
Sardis (near Chilliwack) B.C.

As a result of First Nations' concerns, questions
and assertions of authority over culture, many
philosophical and physical changes are taking
place in museums.

This workshop is a practical seminar to assist
people of all ethnic backgrounds to gain a better
understanding of First Nations' history,
government and cultural centres, from a First
Nations perspective. Join us for two days of
communication and learning with resource people
from First Nations' communities and cultural

The goals are to increase understanding, and
examine differences and similarities between
museums, cultural centres and other cultural
resource management needs.

Resource People:
Barbara Hager, Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Royal
British Columbia Museum

Jill Harris, Aboriginal Heritage Consultant,

Theresa Jeffries, Elder, Tems Swija, Sechelt Band

Kim Lawson, Project Officer: Education,
Archaeology Branch, Ministry of Small Business,
Tourism and Culture

Michelle Williams, First Nations Cultural
Educator, Victoria and Duncan

Dorothy Hunt, Executive Director
Gwen Underwood, Project Manager
First People's Cultural Foundation, Victoria
Kin Cain, Consultant, Ownership and Preservation
of First Nations' Songs and Oral History, Victoria

Allan Wade, Family Therapist/Researcher

Roberta Kremer, Consultant, Museum Education and
Curriculum Development, Victoria

Shirley Leon, Manager, Coqualeetza Cultural
Education Centre, Sardis

and other participants from First Nations'


Day 1 - Thursday May 18th
Opening Ceremony and Prayer - Elders
Welcomes - Shirley Leon
Introductions - Jill Harris

Refreshment Break

Historic Context - Elders, Shirley Leon
Emergence of Cultural Centres - Dorothy Hunt
Archaeology - Kim Lawson
Discussion and Questions

Lunch (catered lunch can be purchased on site)

Approaching the Community: - Dorothy Hunt
Spheres of Power - Roberta Kremer
Managing Local Politics

The Language of Colonialism - Allan Wade

Cultural Centres and Museums - Shirley Leon

A no-host pizza and popcorn evening
with videos on First Nations' topics

Day 2 - Friday May 19th

9:00 am
Opening Prayer - Elders
Burial Remains, Discussion of protocol - Jill
Reburial - Theresa Jeffries

Refreshment Break

Repatriation - Barbara Hager & Theresa Jeffries

Cultural Copyright - Kin Cain
Rights and Privileges


1:00 -3:00
Solutions and Discussions:
(Break into smaller focus groups for discussion)

- What we call ourselves, terminology, and
traditional boundaries of First Nations' groups

- Cultural Tourism and Public Programming:
Ethics and Implications

- Proper Care, Handling and Conservation

Refreshment Break

Sharing of ideas and discussions from groups

Summation: - Jill Harris

Day 3 - Saturday May 21
(Optional: No fee, please advise BCMA if planning
to attend)

10:00 am
Tour of Xa:ytem, Sto:lo Nation at Hatzic Rock
Donation at site would be appreciated.

Registration deadline, Wednesday May 10.

Please contact Sue Stackhouse at the BCMA office,
Tel: 604-387-3315 or Fax: 604-386-6117 and we will fax you
a registration form.

Cost is $85 for BCMA members, and $105 for non-
members. A list of accommodation choices and a
mini-map of the area are available.