Quinlan on ev. psychology

Sun, 7 May 1995 17:44:24 -0300

Good to see that there are grad students following
evolutionary psychology. Only one update on Quinlan's remarks --
the wars between the behavioral ecologists and the evolutionary
psychologists are, in my opinion, pretty well over. Much of the
discussion in this field occurs on HBES-L (the Human Behavior
and Evolution Society List) and my impression is a blurring of
the boundaries around the camps and a growth of mutual respect
in many instances. Besides, those of us who take the perspective
of evolutionary biology to the social and behavioral sciences
take so much flack from others (our ideas are "tautological," to
repeat a recent accusation, or we are really racists, or we are
part of the dated, positivistic "science project," or we are
really part of the "backlash" and trying to buttress patriarchy,
etc.) that we begin to realize that our similarities are greater
than our differences.

Jerry Barkow