Re: Intra-Cultural Variability

Solomon Yusim (syusim@BCM.TMC.EDU)
Fri, 5 May 1995 22:56:29 -0500

Thanks to everybody who replied to my initial posting. It was most helpful.

The point I hope to make in my lecture is that what I consider to be
physicians' premature and/or unwarranted cultural assumptions are
detrimental to their ability to talk with patients. We don't ask about what
we already "know."

Another point is our (physicians') ignorance of our own cultural makeup as
seen within local and multiple contexts, i.e. not just as something that
only "exotic people" have. It was these contexts what I meant by
intra-cultural variability.

Not explicitely attending to these, BTW, is what I see as major shortcomings
in how medical anthropologists--otherwise commendably--contribute to the
process of medical education.

Thanks again.

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